Why Not the Pulpit? It is One Key!

Why Not the Pulpit?  It is one Key!


I've of late been praying about the Divine order of God's authority.  Hang with me.


The greatest influence of our nation lies not in Washington, D. C.,  but quite possibly in your pulpit on Sunday Morning.  So, divine order,  let’s  say,  could be from the pulpit to the pew and the multitudes (that being our country). Listen, from the mountains to the valleys,  God is calling you and me,  His leaders, His people, to their knees, to move and shake America.


What I hear, see and listen to,  inside and outside the church,  is not changing anything, and that has affected everything.  But is that a good thing?  Not if you believe things are really wonderful.


Change in America is through prayer, yet changing our nation starts with changing the Church and it begins in the pulpits.


  •  "The effective fervent prayer of the righteous that is powerful and effective" James 5:16


God is seeking; He is searching for Christians that will pour out their prayers for The Spirit to move across the nation,  and that we see everything change. (Zech. 4:6) "Only  rivers of intercession (our prayers) from the west Coast to the East Coast will alter the course of a nation.


  •  A shift in our churches is the only thing that will transform America.  Becoming a House of Prayer"........to be a light house, salt and light,  in and among our own, city, county, state, nation, and the world.


Again our SBC Presidents, past,  and present Steve Gaines, our MBC President, this week are asking us to "CRY OUT" for a Great Spiritual Awakening in us, our pulpits, our churches, our country. It starts now! This Sunday,  September 11th. Your church, this Association, are to be the leaders  in changing America.


Jack Slade

Pastoral Ministries


Let us become the "GATEWAY" to revival.    Why Not?